How Crafting Makes You Happier

Posted on March 08, 2023

Everybody needs a hobby, right? If you’re in the market right now, our suggestion is picking up something creative to do! Not only is March National Crafting Month, but these types of activities have a variety of different benefits for mental wellness. Check out some of the ways that crafting can help you:

It’s meditative. Once you’ve learned a skill, especially if it involves a lot of repetition, you can start to zone out, relax, and unwind. Get that practice in and clear your head with crafting!

  • Ideas to try: origami, knitting and crocheting, or coloring.

It lets you express yourself. Share your feelings with the world in a way that lets you recognize and reflect on them later. Whether you’re creating a tangible record or using your inspiration more abstractly, getting hands-on is a mindful way to interact with your memories.

  • Ideas to try: bullet journaling, sketching from life, or doodling.

It makes you happy. You can connect with your inner child and experience the simple joy of creating, or feel the nostalgia of a comfort craft. Plus, it’s always great to see the concrete results of your hard work. Yeah, you made that—nice job!

  • Ideas to try: assembling models, quilting, or building with LEGO.

It brings you community. Joining a class or workshop automatically connects you to a group of people with common interests, and you can bond over everything you learn. You can also find online communities for your craft, where you can ask for tips or show off your progress.

So now that you know what a creative hobby can do for you, who’s ready to get crafty?

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